The Season After Pentecost
at Saint John's

Morning Prayer is said in the church
at 8:30AM Monday through Friday

Sunday, 27 July 2014
The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Sung Mass at 10:00AM
Sermon by The Reverend Thomas Heard

Parish Picnic at 11:30AM


Monday, 28 July 2014
Monday on Pentecost 7

Morning Prayer at 8:30AM

Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Mary and Martha of Bethany

Morning Prayer at 8:30AM


Wednesday, 30 July 2014
William Wilberforce

Morning Prayer at 8:30AM

Said Mass at 10:00AM
Sermon by The Reverend Thomas Heard

Thursday, 31 July 2014
Ignatius of Loyola,
Priest, Monastic, and Founder of the Society of Jesus

Morning Prayer at 8:30AM


Friday, 1 August 2014
Joseph of Arimethaea

Morning Prayer at 8:30 AM


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Parish News & Events

Parish Picnic

Once again, we’re not out at the park or at the beach, this year: the annual parish picnic will be at Saint John’s after Sunday service on the 27th of July.

Weather be willing: we’ll use the courtyard and the patio, bring the tables and chairs outside, fire up the grill, eat, fellowship, and maybe have some games. Or maybe inside avoiding the heat and the bugs…anyway, wear your picnic clothes!

The Men of the Church will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board – so it’s time to volunteer to bring the rest of the picnic goodies.

Episcopal Visitation

On Sunday, 10 August 2014, our bishop,
The Right Reverend Philip M. Duncan II
will make his canonically required visit to our parish.

While this is an "official" visit, it is also an opportunity to speak with the bishop and learn about what is happening in the wider church.

This will likely be our last visit from Bishop Duncan as he has announced his retirement for July of 2015.

John Med

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